Standpoint India seeks to promote and foster political conversations that go beyond the drivel of social media. To that end, it accepts submissions that pass the following editorial checks:

  1. Length: A minimum of 600 words. Quick reads clock in at 600-700 words, while submissions that can make all their points succinctly clock in anywhere between 1000-1500 words. For your critiques to have the required vertical depth, the latter is suggested. Standpoint accepts longer submissions only in the Knowledge category, which can go up to 3000 words, beyond which it is split into parts and published as a series. Thesis, research papers and other academic submissions are not accepted; commentaries and explainers on the same are.
  2. Language and tone: An acceptable submission is engaging, accessible, and written in affable language. Avoid too many jargons and break down concepts as much as possible.
  3. Content: Standpoint covers a wide-range of subjects—from politics and international relations to tech, law, finance, history and culture. The only criteria here is that the submission must address a subject that truly affects the world around us. This could take the form of commentary, critique or explainers. Personal musings are not accepted. As an editorial standard, all submissions must make ample use of facts, statistics or other kinds of data to back the arguments they make.
  4. Sources: All sources used must be hyperlinked (or listed at the bottom as footnotes). As a credible editorial, Standpoint considers this non-negotiable.

Some final things:

  1. Like most Indian publications, we follow British English – colour is correct and color is not.
  2. Standpoint prefers writing book reviews in-house. That said, if you do have thoughts on a particular book, or any other piece of content for that matter, we will carry it as a critique.
  3. Communication regarding the status of your submission will be conveyed in 3 days from the date of submission.  
  4. At the end of your article, please attach a short bio of yourself (one that affirms your eligibility to comment on the subject)